JPA Technical offer bespoke, experienced technical support for all licensees. Whether it be trouble with your SAP calculations, U-Values, or difficulty using the software, we are on hand five days a week via email and telephone.

Accredited Energy Assessors have the support of our dedicated Accreditation partners, Quidos, for their EPCs. U-Value users have the support of highly experienced, qualified consultants, and new learners have access to trainers whilst completing their training.

As well as this, we have a whole host of help on our resources page, including user manuals, technical bulletins and Conventions.

No matter the problem, our friendly team are always here to help.

Reporting a Problem

If you think you have come across a problem or require technical support, please follow these steps to report it:

1. Check the FAQs below and resource page to see if the answer is covered there.

2. Make sure you are using the latest version of the software. We update the software regularly and often these updates will have solved the issue.

3. If the problem persists, submit a bug report through the software contact JPA Technical preferably via email attaching your JPA file or XML as well as a brief description of your issue.

Please note: Should you have a JPA licence through IES-VE, you should contact them directly for technical support involving their software.


  • How do I check my version of the software, and how can I download the latest version?

    To find out which version you have, open the ‘About’ message box by selecting ‘Help > About’ from the main menu bar. The second line in the box shows the version number, e.g. 6.05.055.

    The version numbers for JPA Designer work as follows:

    • Three digits, with a full stop (e.g. 5.55) which indicate the version of the program validated by BRE.
    • A build number (e.g. Build 052), which indicates a small upgrade within the main release.

    Check the version number of the latest release, this can be found under the ‘Download Software’ button in the top right of our page. If that is the same as that shown in in the ‘About’ box then you have the latest version. Otherwise you should consider downloading the newer version by clicking ‘Download Software’ on the top right of our website.

  • What method does JPA Designer use to assess condensation?

    The program calculates interstitial condensation risk using the method set out in BS EN ISO 13788:2012.

  • Is JPA Designer approved by the BRE?

    JPA Designer has been tested and approved by the BRE for carrying out SAP calculations and EPC submissions for England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  • Can I carry out RdSAP calculations using JPA Designer?

    No, JPA Designer is only intended for performing full SAP calculations, and cannot connect with the computer systems required for producing and lodging EPCs for existing dwellings. However, the program can be used to carry out building regulations compliance calculations for existing dwellings undergoing alteration or extension.

  • How do I get our company logo to appear as a watermark on the SAP module print outs?

    To get a logo to appear as a watermark need to:

    1. Save the logo file as a greyscale image with the name ‘SAP_WM.BMP’ and place it in the JPA Designer program directory (c:\Program Files (x86)\JPA\JPA Designer). You can convert the file using ‘Paint’ supplied with Windows.
    2. In the Project Manager window of JPA Designer, select Options from the menu bar.
    3. In the General tab of the Options dialogue tick the Print SAP Watermark check box, then click OK.

    Open a SAP calculation and select Print. The logo will appear centred on the page, behind the results.

    You may need to experiment with the logo image to get an acceptable result.