Who are JPA Technical

Believing in Education, Quality and Innovation, JPA Technical use these beliefs as a foundation to provide software for thermal improvements, saving homeowners money and reducing damage to the Environment caused by properties and their emissions.

Designed with the user in mind, our straightforward, effective and easy to use software for the construction industry, enables designers to improve the energy performance of buildings, as well as demonstrate compliance with the increasingly complex requirements of building regulations.

Producing stand-alone SAP Calculations, U-Value Calculations and Condensation Risk Analysis, our software is intended to be used from design stage through to completion and issue of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for new dwellings.

Core Values


JPA Technical pride ourselves in being at the forefront of SAP and U-Value software for many years. Incorporating templates and a materials database, our software hosts some of the biggest constructing material manufactures in order to simplify and improve the accuracy of the calculations produced.

Ever the innovators, we look to continue the improvement of thermal calculation software within the industry by working with manufacturers, such as Saint-Gobain & Recticel to produce bespoke U-value calculators for their websites.


Working with key players in the industry, we ensure our software is always up to date, meeting the latest specifications, Building Standards & Conventions within the construction industry. This is to ensure the quality of calculations and EPCs being produced are accurate and construction within the industry is more than adequate to meet the country’s climate goals and improving consumer experiences. 


We are strong believers in education within the industry. Good levels of knowledge for all those using thermal calculation software is crucial to the quality of the work produced. Hence, JPA Technical offer high-quality, distance learning courses in both SAP and U-Value which are approved by Energy Assessor Accreditation Schemes and BBA.

In addition to this, all JPA users have access to manuals and technical notes and we have partnered with Quidos Accreditation Scheme for our Energy Assessor users to have access to even more great training material.